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Message from Mrs. Crane about the Spook trail:

We will have a meeting regarding the Spook Trail on Thursday, October 9th at 6 pm in the parking lot of the Brown Mansion.  If any of your students want to participate in the Spook Trail, they are strongly urged to come to this meeting---we will have our “People Mover”, which is what the customers will ride in during the trail.  The plan is to take the students through the trail and explain to them what the scenario is, who will be stationed where, etc. 


We are going to attempt something different this year; before the customers load onto the People Mover, they will be guided down the service entrance stairs into the Brown Mansion basement; it will be lit, although dimly, and the customers will need to follow the hallway all the way around the basement exiting back through the service doors to the outside, then loading onto the People Mover and finishing the rest of the trail while sitting.  The general idea will be that the customers are survivors of a Zombie Apocalypse and we will be transporting them to a safe place, but before, they will need to help find any other survivors.  So we will need several people to be stationed in the basement along with those in various places along the trail itself. 


Please tell your students beforehand, and I will let them know at the meeting, that they are responsible for coming in a costume of some sort….since it’s a zombie apocalypse….that’s a pretty easy costume…mostly facial makeup.  I would advise that they bring a jacket/gloves also…I don’t know what the weather will be like, and we will have 55 gal. drums set up around with wood burning in them so that the kids can also warm their hands, but last year it was pretty darn cold!  Tell them to bring something to drink with them. One of our Board members, Rob Burrows, will also be bringing a group of Civil War re-enactors…we are lucky enough to get them to participate each year and they set up a “vignette sketch” that takes place during the trail ride.  I believe I will also have some CCC and a couple of PSU students coming to help.  It may sound like we have more than enough help, but you can NEVER have enough people!  Please encourage your students to help us out---I will be happy to validate that each student that participates has completed 5 hours of Community Service.  The trail hours are from 8 pm to 11 pm….I will need the students to be at the Mansion dressed and ready to scare by 7:15 pm that evening…Saturday, October 25, 2014.  I will have a clipboard for each student to sign in on…putting their name, grade, and what club/activity they are there representing.  


Thanks for your help!